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Specialized Container Shipping

Global Maritime, Inc. is a leader in the container shipping industry due to our low rates and experienced team of logistic experts who have managed more than 1,000 container shipments each year. GMI container shipping is the safest and most secure way to transport your goods. 

Full Container Load: FCL

FCL or Full Container Load is shipping a whole container load (20', 40', 40' HC, or 45' length) from an origin to its final location. During a shipment, there is the "shipper" (the person who is sending the goods), and the "consignee" (the person who is receiving the goods). The process involves the pre-carriage of sea containers from the depot container yard, loading at the shipper location, returning the container back to the port, proceeded by shipping to consignee at the international destination.

Methods of FCL ocean container shipping:

  • Live load

  • Drop and pick

  • Warehouse or loading at local terminal

  • Delivery to port for ocean transport

FCL ocean freight transportation:

  • Door to Door transportation

  • Door to Port transportation

  • Port to Port transportation

  • Port to Door transportation

Less-Than-Container Load: LCL

LCL is the most convenient and cost effective way of international transportation for small and medium sized ocean shipments. For customers with less than a container load, LCL ocean transportation provides them all the benefits of full international shipping at fraction of the shipping cost as well as the same shipping frequency and service.

When exporting LCL internationally we manage the entire process from warehouse consolidation, palatalizing, bracing and securing the cargo, loading, and inland filing LCL documentation. We can provide partial and full LTL cargo insurance for our customers. 

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