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Heavy Machinery Transport and Export

We ship excavators, cranes, locomotives, tractors, pavers, loaders, oil rigs, drilling rigs, harvesters, wheel loaders, fork lifts, scrapers, or any kind of heavy machinery in containers, RO/RO, and/or break bulk. 

Our experienced fleet of truckers and logistics experts can transport your normal or over-dimensional cargo anywhere in the USA as well as export. 

We will map out your shipment, provide all inland permits if necessary, and provide you with the best rate possible to get your machinery to where it needs to go.

We can offer professional dismantling and re-assembly to get your machinery to the port for loading.


We export any kind of heavy equipment regardless of size, brand, year, or model. We have saved our customers significant time and money by providing shipping logistics for their heavy machinery. 

Past Shipment Photos

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