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About Global Maritime, Inc.: A Turn Key Freight Forwarder since 1995

Global Maritime, Inc. was established by a group of engineers and exporters that faced the same challenges that manufacturers and exporters have every time they bid on a project overseas.  

The burden of the high cost transportation and complexity of documentation required by banks and ship lines to exchange ownership and to regain funds discourage many manufacturers to participate in opportunities abroad. 

Global Maritime, Inc. Annapolis Office

GMI is the manufacturer's solution to safely and productively bidding in new markets.   

Challenges manufacturers face: 

  • High cost of transportation and price fluctuations throughout the execution of the project 

  • Inspection procedure 

  • Safety of the cargo, handling, and chain management of the vendors

  • Workability of the Letter of Credit and proper documentation 

GMI is one of the largest Ocean Common Carrier shipping companies to the Middle East 

We have forged strong relations all over the world so that we are able to find the most optimized and cost effective route for our clients' cargo. GMI will provide you with the best routing according to your budget and forwarding requirements. And, if you are looking to ship to the Middle East, there is no better choice than GMI. 

Global Partners Inc. 

Global Partners Inc. (GPI) is a sister company of Global Maritime, Inc (GMI). As a reputable supplier of railway material, the success of GPI has provided GMI with the experience necessary to understand client's needs and how to act in their best interests. 

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